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Postcranial anatomy of arthrodira like Dunkleosteus?

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Hello dear people,


I wonder where to find information and reference-images on the postcranial skeleton of dunkleosteus or related species.

You find images of their iconically armoured skulls everywhere, but not a hint of the "fishbones".

Is there so little fossil record?


I hope someone can give me a hint.



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As far as I know no postcranial material has ever been found of Dunkleosteus. Only the armour plates are known.


But we do have a pretty good idea what the rest of the body looks like because There is more information on other Arthrodire Placoderms.

Specifically Coccosteus has some really nice fossils with pretty much the entire body preserved. 


So while there's no exact data for Dunkleosteus. There is a rough body plan.


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cool , thank you!

looks like something one could build using a lot of wire...

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