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Sauropod Teeth from Uzbekistan

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Dinosaur material from Uzbekistan is becoming a bit more available to the collector.   Most of the material being offered for sale are theropod teeth with the occasional claw, see my post from earlier this year.

Sauropod material has yet to hit the market but my bet is that will change if there is a profit to be made. 

A new paper that will soon be published identifies teeth from several countries in Central Asia including Uzbekistan. 


The material shown below comes from the same towns and formation the theropod material comes from: The Bissekty Formation,  Touronian in age from the Kyzylkum Desert.


The material is identified as Titanosaurid indet. and has not been assigned to any specific taxon simply because of the lack of diagnostic material.  They do comment that vertebrae found in these localities bear affinities to two Chinese sauropods Dongyangosaurus  sinensis and Baotianmansaurus  henanensis


All of the teeth from Uzbekistan are small,  narrow-crowned,  'pencil-shaped' , some with wear facets.  Only these type of teeth are know from this region.


Scale bars: 1 mm




Map of localities were sauropod material was found:




Averianov,  A.,  Sues,  H.-D.,  Review  of  Cretaceous  sauropod  dinosaurs  from Central  Asia,  Cretaceous  Research  (2016),  doi:  10.1016/j.cretres.2016.09.006.


Doushantuo provide this paper in one of his links, more focused on the Bissekty Fm



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The landscape is pretty hostile, a couple of diggers searching for goodies   :trex:




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