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Mastodon Tooth? Vertebra?

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Hi All,


I recently went digging in Arcadia in the more shallow areas of Peace River. The pickings weren't bad, I assume from the recent high water. There's a few pieces that I have found that I wanted your thoughts on identification.


This first piece reminded me of a fragment of mastodon tooth.




I was thinking this MAY be a ground sloth tooth based on its shape. Not too sure on that, but wanted your ID.






And last was this piece. The shape reminds me of a partial vertebra, but it is incredibly flat.






Thanks for your help in ID'ing these!


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Your pictures are a bit dark and shadowed which makes IDing difficult.  The last two I would guess at being turtle shell from what I can see.  

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Fossil Roman

About the last piece, I find a lot of megafauna vertebra fragments and none look like your finding.

It strongly reminds me of a hip bone fragment or some other flat bone.

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