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Newbie to the forum but I've been picking up odd lumps of rock since I had fingers.

I went to the beach with my wife and two kids on the 5th November and we had a productive day. Save for a few dog walkers we virtually had the beach to ourselves. We were there from just after low tide (9am) until the last moment when the sea was lapping at the steps (11:15) and as usual the girls had better eyes than me and my son. This is our trawl:


Red Crag:




Neptunea, Oyster and a piece of broken bone (probably later):


London Clay:

Striatolamia plus an unconvincing core of a larger sharks tooth (I need to compare it to others I have but right now its hovering over the bin)



Fossilised Wood (I love these as they are so well preserved but for some reason these are left in their 1000s strewn across the beach)



(Much) Later:

Lastly I'm including some things found that are a throw back to my Archaeology days. I'm putting these in the 'possible' category. The left hand flake shows signs of rework on the right edge. The second (on the right) is badly photographed but has all the elements that would describe it as a man made flake - at the top is a flat 'striking platform' and on the side facing us is a 'bowl of percussion'. I would love to find a finished tool that can occasionally be found here,



That's it. A great morning fossicking, followed by a walk along the sea front and then down to the pier for 10 pin bowling with the family and wasting money on the pier amusement arcade!


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Nice finds, sounds like you had a great day out. I don’t think the "unconvincing core of a larger tooth" is a tooth. I was lucky enough to find a barbed and tanged arrowhead down that way a few years ago.

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Welcome to the Forum. :) 

Neat finds, 

Thanks for sharing them. 

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Thanks both.

I'm not convinced by the core either but my daughter found it so it gets shared glory :)

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