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Fossil Echinoids of Texas - New Book Released

Bill Thompson

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Bill Thompson

I finished my book and placed a order with my printer.

I will have copies in my hand Nov 8th, 2016.



Fossil Echinoids of Texas

A Monograph of Fossil Sea Urchins

William R. Thompson, Jr.





432 pages

over 99,000 words

237 species of Texas echinoids

1294 Color Photos

100 Existing Type specimens

46 New species and 1 new genus.


This work aspires to be as thorough and detailed as possible with photos included for all species.

All were photographed in high resolution color, with regular echinoids from the adoral, aboral, lateral ambulacral, and lateral interambulacral views. 

Irregular echinoids were photographed in adoral, aboral, lateral, anterior, and posterior views.

In most cases, a single specimen is used to illustrate each species.

One hundred of the specimens photographed were type specimens from the University of Texas Non-vertebrate Paleontology Lab, Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science and the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian).

Where types were unavailable, representative specimens were used from both institutions and private collections.

Two specimens were contributed by the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

Four of the representative specimens are from the Akers Collection which is currently owned by Chris Garvie.

Many specimens are from the Frank Crane Collection which is currently owned by his son Dr. Stephen Crane.

The remaining species are from private collections of William R. Thompson, Jr., Ed Elliott, Chris Garvie, Ron Root, Terry Stephenson, John Hinte, Mike K. Smith, Danny Harlow, James Costabile, Dave Hayward, Paul Hammerschmidt, Linda Farish, Dr. Stephen Crane, Frank Holterhoff, and Raul & Carlos González of the website erizosfosiles.jimdo.com.

Each species is described in detail.

If the original description was available, that text was included and credited. 

Descriptions which are protected by copyright laws or not available were not included in this publication.

Instead, those species' descriptions and the new species' descriptions are the author's.



Dedication by Dr. Stephen L. Crane, Dallas

Foreword by George Phillips, Paleontology Curator of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Jackson, Mississippi

New taxa list

History on Research of Texas Echinoids

Stratigraphic Occurrence Charts by Series, Group, and Formation

Geological Time Scales


Photo Plates


Echinoids of Texas Front Cover 10-7-16.pdf

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DPS Ammonite

It looks like another high-quality must-have book for the collectors of Texas fossils and echinoids.

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Bill Thompson

Texas Fossil Echinoid Book Comparisons:

          Book:                   Color Photos  B&W Photos     Pages      Genus Count     Species Count     Type Specimen Count

  1. Thompson           1288                 4                         414           99                        237                       135                                
  2. Akers & Akers      0                      652                     143           69                        137                       drawings only             
  3. Bill Morgan          387                   8                         160           56                        106                       16                                 
  4. Charles Finsley   6                     106                     211           39                        94                        none                          
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I've had a few weeks to work my way thru this book and find myself with as many questions as answers.  It is quite a production listing so many different species my head spins. The photos are a good advancement on what was available before.  


I do see a number of typos and I know Bill will make corrections in future printings. Hopefully he will make some sort of errata document for those of us who purchased from the first printing. 


My "questions" all relate to the inclusion of so many "species" that others have already placed into synonymy.  Bill explains some of them but not all.  But I think it will spark a great discussion as we all make use of this book going forward.  

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One of our Fossil Forum friends, Bill Thompson, just published a beautiful book about Texas echinoderms. Titled "Fossil Echinoids of Texas." Also has ones found elsewhere. 237 color plates of excellent quality and 224 pages of text. A must have book for anyone interested in echinoids.. Nice job Bill.





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