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DPS Ammonite

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I found this bone in lake limestone near the late Miocene Moraga Formation east of San Francisco. Animals fossils in the area include, horses, hippos, antelopes, mastodons. Any idea what part of the anatomy this is: knee, vert? What animal? Dimensions 8cm x 8cm x 5cm high. Pictures of other bones have been IDed as possible camel leg bones. Four photos taken while the top is being rotated toward me. First photo is front. Second is top. Third is back and fourth is bottom.




P1010675 - Copy (1280x1008).jpg

P1010676 - Copy (1280x1241).jpg

P1010677 - Copy (1280x999).jpg

P1010678 - Copy (1280x959).jpg

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I am not sure this is a vertebra, but it appears to me that it was part of a semi-articulation.

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This looks like a cervical vertebra of an ungulate - nice job finding something in the Moraga Fm. Aside from the Caldecott Tunnel bore, there hasn't been a whole lot of land mammal fossils collected from the Berkeley Hills since the 1950s.

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Thank you Boesse. Your answers are always informative and helpful.

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