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searching creeks, rivers, etc

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Can fossils be found in any body of water such as creeks, streams, rivers? I am around quite a few streams, creeks, etc. Most of these have an abundance of small and larger rocks in the water. Most of these creeks are in heavily wooded and very rocky areas. Warren County NJ.

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Fossils can be found wherever rock formations outcrop. Roadcuts, rivers, streams,and creeks are places where water has cut through and sometimes exposed fossiliferous formations. 

According to this geologic map of NJ, Warren County has exposures of Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian aged rock.


Here is a list of sites in Warren County. Keep in mind that the information is very old, and sites may no longer be collectible, on private or state property, and may have been buried or covered/built over. 


NJ sites.jpg


Most of fossil hunting is just that - hunting, searching and exploring.  

Definitely get out there and look around the areas listed. 

Hope this helps - Good luck. 


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