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Species and Speciation in the Fossil Record, Chapter: 11

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Wiliam E. Bemis:

"This paper briefly explores concepts of species of “fishes” in the fossil record . For an evolutionary biologist also interested in systematics, it is impossible to study any fossil species without careful study of and reference to extant species. Thus, this paper is informed by anatomical comparisons to extant fishes as well as their nomenclatural history, as exemplified by the Catalog of Fishes (Eschmeyer, 1998a, 2015), with the goal being synthesis of neontological and paleontological perspectives. The enormous literature on species concepts, speciation and systematic philosophy includes contributions specifically focused on fishes, such as papers in Ruffing et al. (2002) or Harrington and Near (2012), as well as a recent general treatment by Wilkins (2009) and extended discussions in Wiley and Lieberman (2011). But in this paper, I am chiefly concerned with practicality, for in my view, species names in the fossil record of fishes are primarily tools for discovery and organized study of paleodiversity and for communicating that information to others. Darwin (1859: 485) considered that species names, like generic names, are primarily about convenience, and convenience is important whether you are studying extant or extinct organisms."



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Thanx.Bemis has a nice RG page,peeps.The 1997 acipenserid piece is awesome!!!

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