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Reacquisition of a couple former dromaeosaur claws

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Earlier this week I received a package in the mail with two very important fossils.


Years ago, I owned a gorgeous Bambiraptor feinbergi Sickle claw from the Two Medicine Formation, and a Saurornitholestes langstoni hand claw.

I foolishly sold them away to a very good friend of mine back East. I've regretted that decision for years.


Well last week I was able to convince my friend to sell them back to me. I sold a very nice fossil claw (something I rarely ever do nowadays since restarting my collection) in order to come up with the money to purchase them. 


I've been very appreciatively happy that my friend was so generous to allow me the opportunity. I was ecstatic when I received them in the mail and got to finally hold them in my hands again!


Daddy got his children back!











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They still look painfully sharp.  I've had chickens tear into me, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of those.

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Congratulations on the nice finds, and getting them back!

Nice claws!



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gorgeous claws! congrats!

That's a good friend!

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Gratz on the claws!


I really need to get my hands on one...

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Those are pretty fantastic. Great pieces.



What do you think of the possible synonymy of Saurornitholesthes, Julieraptor and Bambiraptor?

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Nice pieces! 


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