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Small Mandible, Leporidae Rabbit or Hare?


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Found this little mandible today.  Galveston Bay dredge spoils late Pleistocene.  Unfortunately no teeth but does this look like Leporidae?  If so rabbit or hare?


IMG_1256.JPGIMG_1257.JPGIMG_1258 .jpgIMG_1260.JPGIMG_1261.jpg

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I fear that I cannot help  much with that:wacko:, even though it's a great find!!!

My best thought is (if it is indeed Leporidae): hare. Because my rabbit's jaw is quite a lot smaller than your find, but at the same time I have a dwarf rabbit, so yeah.

Other people on the forum may have an idea of what it is.



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Looks leporid. It's hard to make out the last of the tooth row, but the sockets are good for two premolars and three molars (last one very small), as it looks, then the tooth formula is good. Also, the fenestrae are expected in rabbits and hares.

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