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Mosasaur Tooth in composite matrix?

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Hi folks!


I'm just getting started on fossil collecting, and have bought a few small things at rock shops. Just bought something online, and I was hoping to confirm it is what I understand it to be.  To my beginner eye, I think I have a pretty good sized Mosasaur tooth (not sure what type) in one of those composite matrix setups.  I'm leaning towards it having been stained or painted a little too to bring out the tooth.  Not sure on that point though.  Just one small spot on the matrix in front of the tooth point that glows in black light.  Everything else has no glow.

Here are some photos.  Paid about $50 for this, no clue if that's way too much or not.  I liked the look of it, and even if composite matrix they did a really nice job making it attractive for a shelf IMO.


Thanks for your thoughts everyone!










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Doctor Mud

Welcome to the forum!


I can't help with the ID, but the matrix and fossil look real to me. The fossils in fake matrix usually look too good to be true, perfectly positioned and orientated. The fake matrix is powdered up rock mixed with glue I believe so it wouldn't have the inclusions or bits of other stuff like bone and phosphate nodules like yours does.


Enjoy your new fossil!

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Thanks guys for you help!  I really appreciate it.  When starting out on something new where there are people out there that take advantage of beginners, it's such a great thing to have help from those with some experience. :)


That's really exciting to hear the matrix looks good.  I figured it was just some composite put together for presentation.  It's amazing how holding something from the past connects a person to it far more than just reading about it.


Thanks again folks for taking the time to respond to my thread and sharing your knowledge with me.

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It's real, don't worry.


$50 USD is a tad on the high side, but it's bigger than the average mosasaur tooth too. It's a great looking fella, so enjoy it :)

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