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Ever seen the positive and negative of a Fox Hills ammonite?

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I've been looking for a lovely SD ammonite for awhile, and I consider them on par with Canadian ammolites. There are a plethora of incredible specimens from Fox Hills Formation, and I settled on a Jeletzkytes as I found their shape appealing. Imagine my delight when I chanced upon a positive + negative! Today, this pair is one of my favorite ammonites. Without the matrix base, it measures roughly 4.6 inches high.


Jeletzkytes nebrascensis
70.6 - 66 mya (late Cretaceous)
Fox Hills Formation

South Dakota, USA


P1090527.jpg P1090539.jpg Jeletzkytes 3b.jpg

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Nice example!!


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Great acquisition! :)


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Very nice.

But it looks like it's coated with something - too bad, I could see it being reglued and prepped out from the negative side and the shell reunited with the main body, by someone with the means/skill/ambition.

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