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New Order of Insect Found in Cretaceous Amber, Myanmar

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'Alien' insect in amber prompts scientists to add whole

new branch to family tree. This bizarre bug is so unusual,

entomologists say it belongs in its own, entirely new,

order of insects. Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 27, 2017



Ancient, scary and alien-looking specimen forms a rarity

in the insect world – a new order. Oregon State University




The paper is:


Poinar, G. and Brown, A.E., 2016. An exotic insect Aethiocarenus

burmanicus gen. et sp. nov.(Aethiocarenodea ord. nov.,

Aethiocarenidae fam. nov.) from mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber.

Cretaceous Research. Volume 72, April 2017, Pages 100–104





Paul H.

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