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published in 1996 and 1992, but interesting...even if more recent publications exist on this subject

Microfossiliferous cherty stromatolites in the 2000 Ma Franceville Group, Gabon - 1992 - http://booksc.org/book/24844207 

Microfossils in 2000 Ma old cherty stromatolites of the Franceville Group, Gabon - 1996 - http://booksc.org/book/17726645 

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An open-access, field guide to Paleoproterozoic stromatolites in the Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming is:


Boyd, D.W., and Lageson, D.R., 2014, Self-guided walking

tour of paleoproterozoic stromatolites in the Medicine

Bow Mountains, Wyoming: Wyoming State Geological

Survey Public Information Circular 45, 24 p. Open Access






Paul H.

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