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The 3 inch mako club, so close and yet so far…

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Hey everyone!


Finally had the time to go out hunting again after a looooooong time :) We went quite a few times during the past week. Had a few kinda slow days, until we found a decent spot that produced some nice shark teeth.


Lots of mako's…




Some miscellaneous teeth




A small cowshark tooth :)




Continued in following post

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A broken dream…




Our first (slightly) pathological!





I had just started digging one day when I spotted a brown, light shimmering 'thing'. We usually find a lot of stones in that color, so I wasn't paying much attention to it at first. After digging up some sand, it became better visible and it got me a little curious, thinking it might be a tooth. The 'thing' was pretty big and I started hoping that it might be a nice tooth, but the bigger ones are usually broken so I wasn't expecting much. I went into the hole I was digging in and grabbed it; it was a big one! Removed the dirt from it and by surprise, this one was whole :D I was ecstatic, it's the biggest mako tooth we've ever found ;) Couldn't wait until we could measure it, thinking it might be a 3 incher. Unfortunately, it's about 2.75 inches, but I'm still very happy with it :) and the search continues (of course!) haha ;)



Right from the ground




All cleaned up





Have a nice day en happy hunting!

Kind regards,


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Congratulations on the wonderful finds. 

Glad you were finally able to get out and hunt. 

Looks like a few productive outings, at least. 


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Congratulations for the nice finds! You got quite a few teeth.Nice job!

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Nice finds!

Maybe the next one will get You into that 3" club, good luck!


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Nice finds Angie, that is one monster mako! Congrats!:fistbump:

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Great teeth, thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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Fantastic teeth! Much better and preserved than the ones I have in my head :D Some lovely monsters there, kudos!

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11 hours ago, DST said:

Nice makos!  I'm sure the 3" is coming soon!

Thanks! :) haha I hope so, would be awesome!

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