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Sparrowbush NY Middle or Upper Devonian?

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A break in the weather and disappearance of the snow cover invited this trip yesterday to Sparrowbush NY about a mile downriver from a recent hunt at Millrift PA.

This location  in perhaps the Mahantango Formation or Upper Devonian Sloat Brook Formation.  Ids are looks like basis from Wilson's Field Guide.  For the others ids appreciated.


Goniophora chemungensis


Grammysia bisulcata


Trilobite pygydium






Seeing Stars?





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Hey Gordon, 

Glad to see you got out for a hunt. 

Very cool finds - the pustulose one is most likely an Eldredgeops  sp. cephalon.

Thanks for posting these. 



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Very cool looking fauna, Gordon. Congratulations. Thanks for posting it. I'd like to check that out sometime. Can't decide if it's Middle or Upper Devonian. Have to do more research on those finds. Trilobites, I know are rare in the Upper Devonian of New York, Any other stuff from there?

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