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This bone fragment was collected on the beach at Beaumaris in Victoria, Australia. The site is latest Miocene to earliest Pliocene in age (5 - 6 million years old) and consists of the Beaumaris Sandstone formation. Fossils of bony fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, flying birds and terrestrial marsupials are all known from the location. This PDF gives a great overview of the Beaumaris fauna for those that are unfamiliar with it: http://www.marinecare.org.au/images/Fossils_of_Beaumaris_Feb_2015.pdf


I am thinking possibly some kind of jaw fragment just based on the shape, but from what i am not sure. The best match i can see in the document above is the base of the Albatross beak on page 13, but i am not holding my breath on that one. There is dark coloured bone along the edges on both side faces, separated by sediment in the middle. The sediment gap between the bone is larger on one side than the other. The whole piece measures 30mm long, stands almost 20mm tall and is 20mm wide at the widest end.


Any ideas? 



















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I know nothing about bird bone other than they are usually hollow.

It may be that there is not enough there to ID.

Others may come along and refute that so have some patience and see what happens.


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I will not disagree with ynot this time.  I would call this a chunkosaur, but the holes on the one end are intriguing.  I don't think there is enough there and it is very rolled. Fish, bird, mammal?    

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8 minutes ago, jpc said:

I will not disagree with ynot this time.

Yea!!:yay-smiley-1: I finally got one right!!:headscratch:

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