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Make sure your monitor's color profile is correctly set-up. Don't make my mistake.

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I am embarrassed to say I made a novice mistake in literally every single photo I've ever uploaded. My monitor's color profile has been inaccurate since the beginning.


Here's an example of what I mean:



True colors is the picture I uploaded to TFF. Photoshop colors is what it looks like on my computer.


For a long time, I've felt that "something" was off with the colors of the pictures I uploaded. My fossils sometimes looked too saturated, and sometimes too dark. I chalked it up to an unavoidable issue as I was uploading from my computer to different platforms such as Facebook. Only recently did I do a screenshot comparison and reading up online, and I realized I've been looking at photos in my monitor on the wrong color profile! You see, my monitor's settings has always had "color enhancement" on (those buttons you press on the bottom/side of the monitor). But Photoshop doesn't understand those settings! So Photoshop ends up giving me CYMK color profile, but I should've been on RGB color profile.


What this means was that a photo that might look undersaturated on my monitor is in fact perfectly fine by itself, but in my attempt to "correct" the photo, I end up oversaturating it.




To correct this problem, all I had to do was to turn off all monitor color enhancements. Now Photoshop is finally displaying the right colors! I've got about 200 photos to desaturate...

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Hello Andy, You may be interested in Ken's old Forum post.


Ken's Post




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added link to Ken's post. ;)

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