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Sites Within 1 hour of South Bend Recommendations??

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I will be visiting The University of Notre Dame for a few days in May and would love to get a Quick Fossil trip or 2 in while in the area.. SO i am looking for recommendations of spots to go  within about 1 hour of South Bend. Ill be traveling light so Heavy digging is out.


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Finding fossils in that part of Indiana likely will be quite impractical as result of local bedrock being covered by a thick blanket of Pleistocene glacial tills, lake sediments, and fluvial and glaciofluvial sediments. Likely, the only fossils to be found in that part of Indiana will be part of the gravels found in glacial tills and outwash deposits that have been carried down from Canada.


There does not seem to be much published specifically about the geology of the South Bend area. Some very general references are:


Wayne, W.J., 1963. Pleistocene formations in Indiana.

Indiana Geological Survey Bulletin. no. 25.




Wayne, W.J., 1956. Thickness of drift and bedrock

physiography of Indiana north of the Wisconsin glacial

boundary. Indiana Geological Survey. Indiana

Geological Survey Bulletin. no. 7.



Wayne, W.J. and Zumberge, J.H., 1965. Pleistocene

geology of Indiana and Michigan. University Press.


Klaer, F. H., Jr., and Stallman, R. W., 1948, Ground-water

resources of St. Joseph County, Ind., Part I, South Bend

area: Ind. Dept. Cons. Div. Water Res. Bull. 3, 177 p. ,

6 pls., 10 figs. , 6 tables.




Bedrock map at:



Also, something more might be found in the Indiana Geological Survey at https://igs.indiana.edu .


A person with local knowledge of the area would be needed for more specific information.



Paul H.

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Hilarious! Just this past weekend, I visited South Bend for the first time of my life, to watch Notre Dame vs. Navy football. On the way into the stadium, I looked at the rock in the parking lot planters and found a small rock with crinoids! Nice old souvenir.

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