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Mosasaur Partial Skull Prep


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I bought a nice partial mosasaur skull recently and here I will share the process of prepping it a bit. I don't think I'll remove the bones from the matrix. But there's definitely some stuff that can be uncovered.

There are definitely part of both frontal bones of the skull roof. The underside of the frontal is visible. There is also part of a jaw visible. I'm not quite sure yet as to which part it is. It could be either dentary, pterygoid or maxilla. Right now I'm slightly leaning towards the back of the maxilla (with the inside being visible). But time will hopefully tell. There are also a few as of right now unidentified bones. There are at least five teeth in the piece. Only four are clearly visible. The fifth is a replacement tooth that is only barely visible on the top of the jaw in an open hole.


Unprepped state as I bought it.



Some photos after a number of hours of prepping. It's quite slow going since the bones are fairly soft.





Back of the jaw.



A view from the other side of the jaw. On the bottom left the hints of the fifth tooth can be made out.



View of the frontal bone. The midline is visible but the bones are broken in to a lot of separate pieces. The frontal bones are pointing to the right and the midline is roughyl horizontal in the photo.



Two anterior teeth with roots and an unidentified skull bone broken in two. My guess is that is belongs somewhere near the frontal bones.





More to come in the future!

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Looks like a nice project, will be looking forward to your progress.

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You seem to come up with your fair share of cool projects as well. Very cool. Can't wait to see what you're very experienced hand does to it.

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Thanks. :ighappy:


I haven't gotten very far with this piece yet. At the moment I'm thinking that I might keep the pieces in the matrix. But I am a bit further on identifying the bones.


I'm pretty sure I have part of the left maxilla. Most of the right frontal and part of the left frontal. Two anterior teeth, though I don't exactly know where they should be located. I've just placed them somewhere in front in the picture.

I do not yet know what that broken bone next to the loose teeth is. but I suspect it's also part of the skull roof.


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