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Pennsylvania Ferns


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Well it seems that St. Clair is closed for fossil fern digging but I wanted to know if anyone had a status on Carbondale. I found this:


The website that @Fossildude19 appears to be outdated. I also found:


Sue used to live in PA and her specialty was ferns. I sent her a message about her discoveries and locations. Hopefully Carbondale isn't closed to the public. There has to be some place in eastern PA that is open to the public that has some decent ferns.

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Carbondale isn't closed to the public but has been largely reclaimed. I know that out in soft coal Pa (Altoona -Pittsburgh) its still possible to find abandoned strip mines where various plant fossil (none as nice as St. Clair) can be found. Many of the State Game lands in Somerset, Cambria, Clearfield, & Butler counties to name a few are reclaimed strip mines and there's easy finds- no tools required on just about any rock pile. Just wear an orange vest or go on a Sunday (no Sunday hunting on State Lands.) If you'd like more specif Info on eaither the Carbondale area (I lived near there recently) or Western Pa feel free to send me a PM. 

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