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Australia's 'Jurassic Park', Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia (Open Access)


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World’s biggest dinosaur footprint discovered in ‘Australia’s own

Jurassic Park’ By Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post,  March 27, 2017



Kimberley fossil tracks are Australia's 'Jurassic Park' By Jonathan

Amos, BBC Science, March 27, 2017



The open access paper is:


Salisbury, S.W., Romilio, A., Herne, M.C., Tucker, R.T. and Nair,

J.P., 2016. The Dinosaurian Ichnofauna of the Lower Cretaceous

(Valanginian–Barremian) Broome Sandstone of the Walmadany

Area (James Price Point), Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia.

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 36(sup1), pp.1-152.




Paul H.

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Such a diverse Australian dinosaur assemblage! With so many tracks over such a large area, i want to know why no bones have been found there yet?!?!

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