For Spring break we headed down to Texas for a vacation. My daughter has a love of ammonites and prehistoric marine reptiles, so I thought Texas would be a great place to hunt some fossils as well as do some general vacationing. We spent our first 5 days in Sherman as it seemed most centrally located to many of the hunting locales we wanted to do as well as not far from Dallas. I'm glad we stayed there versus Dallas as I had originally planned as the traffic was a lot less on the days we weren't traveling through the Dallas area. The first day we went, we headed to NSR and in the first 10 minutes my wife and one of my kids were knee deep stuck in mud, and the wife said no more NSR for that trip, so we gave up on the marine reptiles and went for the ammonites the next day.   I had messaged @BobWill some time ago and again right before our trip as I had seen his posts before about ammonites. We headed over to his place before going out hunting, and he had a wide range of fossils he showed me and my family. He and his wife were very nice people, and spending the day with them was the best day of the trip in my opinion. I can't thank Bob enough for making our dream of finding our own ammonites a reality. We also went to Jacksboro later in the day, but that post will have to wait until another day when I have more time to take pictures of the fossils we collected there. We got to the site with Bob, and it was literally less than 100 feet to the creek. There were quite a few pieces of ammonites, as well as plenty in the matrix in the creek. We spent less than an hour there and came out with a half dozen intact good sized ammonites. I will need to clean more of the matrix off of most of them at some point, but just don't have the time right now for that. Please use caulk tube as reference for size lol. One of these days I will try to get something nicer for size references.