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Pattern of Ripples in Sandstone

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Hi everyone,


My girlfriend and I were hiking near Red Rock Canyon in Southern Nevada yesterday and came across an interesting pattern of pronounced ridges in the rock. My first thought was that they are fossilized water ripples, which have been found in the park. But on one edge the ripples stop in a very clear tapered line, which seems out of place for a shore line. I wish we had put something in the photos to get a better scale of the pattern but you can see my knee and foot in one picture.


We got hooked on fossil hunting about a year ago would love to find out more about this pattern. Thank you very much for your help.


-- Aaron



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Welcome to TFF!

They could be ripple marks but they do not look right for that.

In My opinion it is the way the rock broke or weathered and not a fossil.

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There is a chance that they are ripples on a nonconforming surface.

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