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Hello All,


My son found this rock today that is unlike anything I've seen before.

It resembles a snake head in shape and is completely covered in what appear to be scales. That seems highly improbable, but here are some photos. I am no expert and thought it best to post here for advice.


Thanks for any help.








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Tabulate coral.

Nice piece.


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Peat Burns
10 minutes ago, kvillers said:

interesting. thanks for the help

Welcome to the forum.  I agree with fossil coral.  It is heavily worn / eroded / rounded which makes the corallites (where the little coral polyps once lived) more two dimensional and gives them the appearance of scales.  Prior to being tumbled and worn, the polygonal shapes would have been depressions.  If you Google fossil coral, you'll find images of unworn examples. 


Neat find. 

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