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Hi, is this a correct identification? Or is it Otozamites gramineus? Found at Runswick Bay.






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Welcome to the Forum. :) 


Hmm. I thought Runswick Bay was a marine deposit.   :headscratch: Not that that precludes plants from being found there, it's just a bit unusual.  

It definitely looks like some species of Otozamites, but I don't know enough about the plant fossils there to hazard a guess. 


I find Early Jurassic Otozamites latior, and Otozamites brevifolis here in Connecticut. It looks similar, except for the rachis - the fossils I find are compressed carbonized films. 
Your specimen has a rather inflated, 3 dimensional rachis. 

Maybe some experts from the area will weigh in. 
Thanks for posting this - it's a lovely fossil.    :wub: 



EDIT: I see that a bit south of there, Hayburn Wyke  is known for their plant fossils. 
# species of Otozamites,  ( O. graphicus, O. gramineus, and O. tenuatus )   and  Zamites gigas are known from there. 

The Otozamites are rare from there, but, ... Zamites gigas is common. 


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There are a couple of different plants present.  Otozamites on the left, and the one on the right appears to be Pterophyllum.


This excellent monograph will help you determine which species.


Harris, T.M. (1969)

The Yorkshire Jurassic Flora. III. Bennettitales.

British Museum Natural History, 3:1-186   LINK


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