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kind of Diplocaulus or an eel or...?

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Ok it looks like a prety geological creation, but then there is this (photo 3) is it just a shell mold, or could it be some breathing organ thing, coz it is placed lower. And this (photo 4) that is on the highest of the 3 peaks that are formed and sort of reminds me of a mouth with teeth. 

Found near akrotiri, ayios ermoyenis - curium area cliffs. 

Its 25cm long and the center 17cm high, it looks like hmm some sort of triple fin, or fish or exploding angry eel :P...  something that belongs to the sea anyway

some more photos next post



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I am afraid it looks just like a uniquely-shaped rock to me.


Photo 3 does show "something", but it isn't a mouth or anatomical feature to me. At most I would say photo 3 shows part of a crinoid or some sea invertebrate, but I really do think it's just an anomaly in the rock.

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