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Whale and turtle fossils in Manado?

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Hi All,


I recently came across what I believe to be quite a large collection of fossils while walking along a sandy coast in Manado, North Sulawesi (Indonesia), which was undergoing development. Judging by some of the fossils and the Cenozoic geology of the region, I was leaning towards them being whale and turtle remains but would very much appreciate any advice anyone may have on individual fossils or the collection as a whole. Once the most likely creatures are established, I plan to focus my research to try to identify and categorise as many of the fossils as I can. Thanks in advance for your input, and I'm happy to send through further shots/angles as required.


This appears to be a partial whale caudal vertabrae with marks (teeth/wear?) on one side.



Some on the top row resemble sperm whale teeth while the last few on the bottom row could be parts of ribs or other bones.



Here are close-ups of some of the teeth-like forms.












The fossils in the top row appear to be the femurs of sea turtles and the one on the bottom right the end of a sea turtle rib. The very small fossil is of similar shape to the larger ones, and I'm not yet sure about the whiter fossil at the bottom left.



Some larger fossils (including the suspected vertabrae). The rounded one at the top may be from a femur.



Could these be from a pelvis or sternum?



Some of these (particularly the third from the left on the second row from the top and the ones on the row beneath it) resemble jaw fragments. The second from the left on the bottom row has almost a tripod appearance.



Some of these could be from leg bones or ribs, while there appears to be a couple of hand bones to the lower left.



Some very femur-like ends.



The one third from the left on the bottom row resembles a bone from a dugong's sternum.



Some rib fragments and other pieces.



And finally some smaller fragments, some with triangular cross-sections, and perhaps some hand and finger bones.


Fossils 22a.jpg

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Hum, it looks like everything you've shown here are just goeologic stones. Not seeing anything resembling fossil material. Sorry. However, your first picture might be a bryozoan or coral or ?


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I agree your top photo appears to be something like coral but all the others are geologic.  Closer pictures of the top specimen would help.

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Sorry, but I have to agree with the others. I am not seeing any bone texture, no enamel to indicate teeth, and no overall morphology that would indicate bones. 


I do see a bunch of limestone, which can take some pretty suggestive forms, through erosion or weathering. 

Also, I agree the first item is some sort of coral or bryozoan colony. 


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I agree with the others: suggestively shaped, eroded limestone pieces. :(


The first is indeed a coral. But don't be discouraged: keep looking! Do you have access to any information about the geology of where you are currently collecting from? 

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I also agree with the others.  Coral and a bunch of limestone or chert nodules. 

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I agree with the others I'm afraid. Happens to all of us at the outset and sometimes still does, especially me! Don't get discouraged and keep hunting. :)

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They pretty much all look geologic to me (maybe a few burrow casts, but hard to tell) there are two that looks a bit more suggestive that I'd like to see a couple closeups of. They may be nothing, but ya never know.



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