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Extinction of Island Mammoth Populations, Alaska

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Extinction of Mainland and Island Mammoth Populations in Alaska

6,000 Years Ago, Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2017


Dr. Duane Froese, University of Alberta, presents new research

on the extinction of mammoths and other megafauna from

Arctic North America and the causes of the final extinction of

a population on St. Paul Island, Alaska, about 6000 years ago.


Some of the papers referenced in the talk are:


Graham, R.W., Belmecheri, S., Choy, K., Culleton, B.J., Davies,

L.J., Froese, D., Heintzman, P.D., Hritz, C., Kapp, J.D., Newsom,

L.A. and Rawcliffe, R., 2016. Timing and causes of mid-Holocene

mammoth extinction on St. Paul Island, Alaska. Proceedings

of the National Academy of Sciences, p. 9310–9314.


Guthrie, R.D., 2006. New carbon dates link climatic change

with human colonization and Pleistocene extinctions.

Nature, 441(7090), pp. 207-209.


Palkopoulou, E., Dalén, L., Lister, A.M., Vartanyan, S., Sablin,

M., Sher, A., Edmark, V.N., Brandström, M.D., Germonpré, M.,

 Barnes, I. and Thomas, J.A., 2013, November. Holarctic

genetic structure and range dynamics in the woolly

mammoth. In Proc. R. Soc. B (Vol. 280, No. 1770, 9 pp.)

The Royal Society.




Paul H.


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