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Megaloceros calcaneum bone? Please help with ID


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Dear Guys,


I recently noticed the surprising similarity between two calcaneus bones I found in the same forest felling in South Lithuania. 

I think they belong to deers but the first in the picture is very big (8,3 cm length) and second is small (6,3 cm length). 

Is it possible that larger bone belong to Irish Elk? :D The latest fossils of this animal found in Siberia, they are 8000 years old.


Best Regards




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The calcaneum of Megaloceros, Moose, Bison and Aurochs are almost identical. Bison and Auroch are a little fatter. the size is pretty much the same on all four. At a glance my first thought is that your big fossil looks like Bison or Aurochs.


Here are two examples from my collection.



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