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Come see our booth at the Aurora Fossil Festival!

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Hey all - our collections manager and I busted our tails off yesterday trying to get everything ready for the Aurora Fossil Festival on Saturday in Aurora, NC. We're going to have a table for the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History (CCNHM), our museum at College of Charleston.


We've got some neat casts on display as well as a couple of cases - one is a case chock full of fossils from Folly Beach, SC, and the other is a case full of Miocene and Pliocene odontocete ear bones from the Lee Creek Mine.


If you're attending, be sure to bring marine mammal fossils with you for identification - or just to show off and make us jealous! We'll be in the community center sandwiched between tables for the Smithsonian and the North Carolina Fossil Club. We're looking forward to seeing you there!


Lastly, we're also looking for marine mammal fossils from Belgrade Quarry to add to our collections as part of ongoing study of Oligocene marine mammals from the southeastern USA. Teeth, earbones, and skull fragments are not common at Belgrade but several critical specimens have already been donated. With a few more specimens, I will be able to put together a paper on the marine mammal fauna of the Belgrade Formation.


Hope to see you there!


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Much to my chagrin, North Carolina is a bit too far from here for a 'day trip'.  I would love to see the material you have on display.  There's not much marine mammal material here in Texas, unfortunately.



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Looking forward to catching up on Saturday and seeing what you brought to display.


Here is a link to my post earlier with the Festival information.




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