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Dear Guys,

Yesterday I found one big calcaneus bone, I think it should be carnivore because the big joint is located in the side. 

It should not be an ungulate. It could be the most similar to cat or dog but I think dogs did not have so large calcaneus- my find is 10,5 cm length.

Any idea what is this? :)


Best Regards


Possible large cat calcaneus 1.JPG

Possible large cat calcaneus 2.JPG

Possible large cat calcaneus from the articular end.JPG

Possible large cat calcaneus from the side.JPG

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Harry Pristis

I don't see a calcaneum here ("calcaneus" usually refers to the homolog in the human skeleton).  This appears to me to be the proximal end of an ulna.









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Thank you, I think horse ulna may be correct. :)


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