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Dear Guys,


I noticed the very specific group of erratics that have some rare fossils like land arthropods, plants and vertebrates (sarcopterygian fishes, amphibians and reptile ancestors maybe). :)

The fossils are collected in Varena town, South Lithuania. Talking about Carboniferous erratics, this is first findings of them in my area. 

Please help with ID or confirm fossils if you can ;) 

At first, the arthropod remains. 


Best Regards 


insect leg fragment.jpg

insect leg segment.jpg

insect leg segment 2.jpg

scorpion chelicera.jpg

spider leg fragment.jpg

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The second- Carboniferous sarcopterygians. :) 


Marsdenichthys scale.jpg

megalichthys scale.jpg

palaeonisciform scale 2.jpg

paleonisciform scale.jpg

rhizodont scale.jpg

rhizodont scale 2.jpg

rhizodont scale 3.jpg

And the last- primitive tetrapods. :)


lepospondyl skull plate.jpg

two lepospondyl skull bones.jpg

Reptiliomorph vertebrae.jpg

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