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Sites in Washington, Oregon and Idaho

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Here are a few localities I am aware of though I havent been to most of them:hammer01:


-Beverly Beach Oregon, easy hunting and beach combing very soft matrix, marine fossils some whale bones etc I have visited this site personally and it is very good hunting, you never leave empty handed.


-Veronia Oregon, havent been yet but I have heard the hunting is good mostly marine fossils.


-Fossil Oregon, behind Wheeler High school, mostly plants


-Lincoln Creek Washington Havent been but I have read it has concretions and plant fossils along with some marine fossils.


-Sandy River Oregon, I have read old geologic surveys that describe plant fossils in the shale, but I have not explored myself, yet.


-Prineville Oregon, I have visited this myself but didnt find any fossils, only thunder eggs, but the area is still supposed to hold marine fossils.


-Punchbowl Falls Oregon, old geologic surveys described plant fossils found when trails were being cut out and also in steep embankments.


-Bainbridge Island Washington, I have read others discussing about localities in the general area, but I have no specific details on where. 


This is all I know of, feel free to share or correct me on any sites! 


Also if anyone knows of any localities by Portland or SW Washington please post them!

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