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So I just got my hands on an old (34-year old) fossil guide for Pennsylvania. I found a couple nearby and somewhat promising fossil sites, but I don't know if their accessible nowadays. Does anybody know the status of these sites:


-Blue Mountain roadcut on PA 641 in Roxbury, Franklin County

-The Lesh Borrow Pit a mile southwest of Newport, Perry County


I'm also curious if more fossil sites have popped up around sputh central PA since the 80's, so any info on that would be much appreciated.








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Welcome to the Forum. :) 


Some things I would recommend to you.  Join a fossil/mineral club near you. You will be able to meet locals with the same interests, and veteran information about sites, and be included on field trips to places that may not be accessible to the lone collector. 


Then do your research. It usually involves lots of hiking and researching land ownership, and google maps. Here is a website that you can start your research from. The information is very old, but will point you in the correct direction. 

Also, research the Formation names, and read any scientific papers about them that you can. They often have insights as to where some localities may lie. 


Fossil sites pop up all the time, with fresh construction, road building, etc.  Many are transient though, and should be checked out as soon as possible. 

They usually do not last very long. 


Best of luck to you. ;) 



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Thanks Fossildude, definitely looking into the clubs. 

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IF you ever get up to Altoona get a hold of me and I can show you some fun fossil sites.

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