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Shark teeth from tybee island (shark tooth beach)

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These are teeth I found on our trip to tybee island for father's day. There are a couple charter companies that will take you out to islands created from where the river is dredged for the container ships. I'm not sure if #2 is actually a tooth or not but I tend not to throw anything back because when I found #6 (last year) it was mostly a clump of clay except for the very top showing. I carried it around like that for about 2 hours as a "good luck charm" then when we were about to leave I rinsed the clay off in the surf and saw the actual tooth portion. 


The guy that takes us to the island keeps saying it's been picked over and that there's nothing left out there but I found over 40 and my  9 year old daughter found 20. Two months ago we found about the same amount so the only thing I can think is he's saying it so people that don't take their time will be less disappointed. 














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Nice finds!

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#1 - Carcharhinus sp.    Possibly a bull shark. There are several species with very similar teeth


#2 - Not sure about this one. Badly worn bone or possibly a rock.


#3 - Galeocerdo sp.       Tiger shark


#4 - Carcharias             Sand tiger


#5 - Could be one of several species that look similar when worn.


#6 - Megalodon fragment

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