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A good paper, and thanks for revealing that the Bull. BM is online. 

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you didn't know that???:blink::wacko:

anyways,I mentioned BHL a couple of times,at least:blush:.

(see the remark below though)

I always assumed you already knew that,or I'd have told you that ages ago


I know them by heart,sort of.

Plowing through them is quite a job,with varying places of the TOC and all that. 

got them sort of indexed,in a primitive(non database) way

1968 has Scrutton on phillipsastreids,and vol 10 contains a nice section on the corals of the Portrane Lst

The articles on Paleozoic stratigraphy are much cited and really indispensable for getting to know the Paleozoic of the UK


BHL is chaotic and seems to be marketing-driven

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