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Excavations for Ediacaran biota at Nilpena Station Continues


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A Family of Explorers in Search of Some of Earth’s Oldest Fossils

by Emily Hughes, National Geographic, June 28, 2017



Dr. Mary Droser, University of California, Riverside



Mary Droser studies ediacara fossils, August 2 2013





Paul H.

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Piecing together the puzzle of the Ediacara Biota: Excavation and reconstruction at the Ediacara National Heritage site Nilpena (South
Mary L. Droser,⁎, James G. Gehling, Lidya G. Tarhan, Scott D. Evans, Christine M.S. Hall,
Ian V. Hughes, Emily B. Hughes, Mary E. Dzaugis, Matthew P. Dzaugis, Peter W. Dzaugis,
Dennis Rice
Paleogeography,paleoclimatology,paleoecology 513/2019


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