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How Frogs Benefited From The Dinosaurs' Extinction


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How Frogs Benefited From The Dinosaurs' Extinction

Facebook. The two-Way, NPR, July 3, 2017



Extinction event that wiped out dinosaurs cleared way

for frogs, Florida Museum of Natural History, July 3, 2017



The paper is:


Yan-Jie Feng, David C. Blackburn, Dan Liang, David M.

Hillis, David B. Wake, David C. Cannatella, and Peng Zhang,

2017, Phylogenomics reveals rapid, simultaneous diversification

of three major clades of Gondwanan frogs at the Cretaceous

–Paleogene boundary PNAS 2017 : 1704632114v1-201704632.




Paul H.

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