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Please help with ID of fossil horse mandible


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Dear Guys, 


Yesterday I found quite an interesting fossil of horse, it is the lower mandible with three preserved teeth and its length is 19 cm.

The measures of three teeth from left to right of the photos are:

1- 2,9 cm width, 2- 2,6 cm width, 3- 2,5 cm width.  

The fossil found in the forest where sandy Pleistocene layers are near surface, it is found in that layers.

I think the genus of fossil is Equus but what about species? Is it only Equus sp. or E. hemionus, E. caballus, E. ferus ferus, other? :)

I noticed that each specie has little or more different location of enamel layers, maybe it could be easier to identify by them? 

It is found near Varena town, south Lithuania (Baltic States, Eastern Europe). ;)

Any idea would be very helpful. :)


Best Regards






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