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Today's curious finds


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Interesting little 'rocks' from today. 2 may be nothing, 2 I'm pretty sure about, and 2, seem to be imprints. Hope you guys can tell me. Again, Half Moon Bay. Also, how do I clean these?


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Hi there,


These look like the remains of shells - molluscs.


Some are internal molds of Gastropods "snails" the coils, while others are from bivalves.


Neat finds.

I probably wouldn't clean them as they are casts or molds and made of rock. Cleaning wouldn't expose any new fossil,


Enjoy as is.

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Top middle looks like it has some shell inclusions and might be a cast, hard to tell from this angle. Bottom right looks like a weathered piece of oyster shell from the surface texture. The two gastropods are probably the same as the one you found earlier. Far left is a cast of a ribbed bivalve (maybe the scallop Pecten from the Cretaceous or later, haven't found anything definitive about the local geology). Bottom middle are shell fragments of another bivalve.

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