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North Sulphur river bones

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Went to North Sulphur river yesterday. Found couple bone fragments, not sure if there is enough for a positive ID, but hopefully someone will recognize them. Thanks in advance.


1. rib? are those teeth marks?



2. ?

7.JPG.b9c6ae323bd038ce8c96140ae17379f4.JPG8.JPG.c1df622e73da4c8f5bf8ed686e4311a2.JPG 5.JPG.781f6c275c77c1c5f328271aac8ca61e.JPG


3. Bony fish centrum?



4. ?



5. ?



6. Coral?


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1. Rib with shark feeding marks

2. Possible very worn Mosasaur vert

3. Bony fish vert

4. Worn bone. Most likely fish based on the color 

5. Mosasaur vert

6. Rudists

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26 minutes ago, michaelzzz said:

Sweet! Thank you @JarrodB:D

No problem. That's my favorite place to fossil hunt. 

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