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Fossilized Egg ?

Bill Hick

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I found this on a golf course in MA.  It is so symmetrical and resembles other seemingly legitimate eggs here.  The continuity of the surface and lack of "inclusions" make it hard for me to think it's a rock.  Any thoughts ?  I can send better pictures to those who may care.....  Thanks.  -Bill  


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Looks like a well traveled river rock, sorry not seeing egg here.

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Welcome to TFF!

I agree with Caldigger, it is a stream tumbled rock and not an egg.

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I see no eggshell texture.

There have been no recorded finds of dinosaur eggs in the Deerfield and Hartford Basins, of the Newark Supergroup.

The area along the Connecticut River valley is Jurassic in age, and was mostly a seasonal fresh water lake.

Dinosaur material, other than footprints, (bones, teeth, etc.) is quite rare to find in these areas.

I agree that this is a water worn cobble. 


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