Hello, I live in one of those unlucky places that has the bare minimum of natural fossil bearing formation to the point there is pretty much none, I've found an odd location that has rocks I'm guessing from Upstate New York that are littered with Devonian fossils. I have very little knowledge of Devonian trilobites after searching this location I've found a few worn trilobites, but then I stumbled upon this worn monster with a head that seems to measure around 3.2 inches from eye to eye (since lucky they are still preserved enough to see the texture. I'm looking for any help if possible to help identifying this, I treasure this though its extremely broken and worn because I found them in a place that shouldn't have fossil material. Anything will be greatly appreciated, thank you and I'll provide some photos below (it maybe tough due to their condition)    From personal research I can only compare it to a Trimerus delphinocephalus cause of the massive size but I am no trilobite expert, and I can only dream. Here is the scale compared to some of my hand, broken head shape begins towards the bottom of the picture.