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Modern Human Presence in Sumatra 73,000– 63,000 Years Ago


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Indonesia: First Humans May Have Arrived in Sumatra

in Time for Toba Supervolcano Eruption, New Scientist



Old teeth from a rediscovered cave show humans were in

Indonesia more than 63,000 years ago August 10, 2017

by Kira Westaway, The Conversation



Westaway, K. E., J. Louys, R. Due Awe, and others, 2017,

An early modern human presence in Sumatra 73,000–

63,000 years ago. Nature (2017) doi:10.1038/nature23452

Received 30 March 2017 Accepted 29 June 2017 Published

online 09 August 2017



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Are we ready for the next volcanic catastrophe?

Bill McGuire, The Guardian



Toba catastrophe theory.





Paul H.

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