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Several years ago, I found a brachiopod and some rugose coral embedded in a couple pebbles while beach combing at Cape Henlopen State Park. I found another few wandering inland at the park. A few years later, I found one at Bowers Beach. This summer I've made it a project to see how much I can find and how far north it goes. My guess is all the way up the river, but I'll stick to DE for now. This week's stop was Battery Park in New Castle. Sure enough, among the chunks of industrial slag and other miscellaneous rubble were several distinct corals. Also found at bowers beach were two pieces of petrified wood.


The marine fossils are all from the Paleozoic, but which era I haven't narrowed down yet. The DE Geological Survey doesn't seem to have any published documentation on it. 


The wood is pleistocene. It was found on Bowers Beach and most likely washed down from a known area of southern New Castle County/Northern Kent County.


Next stop: an off-the-beaten-path access point for the Delaware River in Claymont, about as far north as I can get and still be in Delaware!












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Neat finds.  We went to Cape Henlopen State Park back in late July for a day for playing on the beach with the kids, it was a pretty full when we were there.  The kids and I picked up some beach pebbles but didn't see any fossilized coral.  We also went to the C&D canal for a quick look-see.  I walked around a little on the north side of the canal but it was so overgrown with weeds and I did find a few belemnites on the surface.  My son and I then checked out south of the canal where they are crushing and filling with the spoils and we did find some Exogyra costata and Pyncnodonte mutabilis and a couple belemnites.  I honestly found more belemnites in the overgrown weeds north of the canal than on the south side.  Also the deer flies were terrible out.  We're already planning for coming back either on a mild winter day or early in the spring before the weeds start growing again.  Sorry I realized I kind of hijacked your thread.  I need take some pictures of out findings and put up a trip report.

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No problem! 


Cape Henlopen isn't as rocky as Bowers and Battery Park. Just not as much material to loo through. Most of this was from Bowers, along with a pile of stuff that is currently in the rock tumbler.


I like going out to the canal in early spring, when the weather is a little warmer, hunting is off-limits, and the weeds have not grown in. But, I was out there two weeks ago and found some really cool stuff, including my first complete ammonite, which is about as big as my thumbnail. Lots of little shells to be had, tiny solitary corals, bits of sponges, belemnites, even the odd tiny urchin. If you look at my Delaware gallery, most of the canal material I posted is still pretty easy pickings out there and I have a lot more to add eventually.


BTW, Delaware Nature Society is running a guided trip to the North side Oct. 15th and will have a sifting sandbox at the Ashland Nature Center seeded with canal fossils for those who cannot make the trek out to the canal.

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Very cool I'll have to keep the date in mind.  I would love to bring my son out, if it doesn't clash with soccer or other unseen events.

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