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Free Fossil Literature Using Unpaywall

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DPS Ammonite    539
DPS Ammonite

Oxytropidoceras recently pointed out an article of interest. It mentioned "Unpaywall" a new Chrome plugin to help find free and legal (paleontological) literature on the internet. Has anyone tried the service yet? @Fruitbat, @doushantuo  I frequently try to find literature online but have not tried Unpaywall yet.


Here is an article I found about Unpaywall titled "How a Browser Extension Could Shake Up Academic Publishing" By Lindsay McKenzie APRIL 06, 2017  in The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://www.chronicle.com/article/How-a-Browser-Extension-Could/239714


Here is the offer for Unpaywall at Chrome Webstore: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unpaywall/iplffkdpngmdjhlpjmppncnlhomiipha


Hopefully finding literature will be easier now.







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doushantuo    1,470


I won't use it in the future,either.

edit: Fruitbat's Library is underutilized BTW.

I know it's slightly tangential to the subject,but hey..





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