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Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

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Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Mexico

Borneo Bulletin, August 18, 2017



Fossilized remains of a giant sloth unearthed in Mexico 

By Victoria Ritter, Gears of Biz, August 20, 2017



Ancient Giant Sloth Fossil Found in Underwater Cave

While cave diving in Mexico, explorers uncovered 10,000-

year-old remains of a new sloth species, National Geographic



The paper is:


Stinnesbeck, S.R., Frey, E., Olguín, J.A., Stinnesbeck, W., Zell,

 P., Mallison, H., González, A.G., Núñez, E.A., Morlet, A.V.,

Mata, A.T. and Sanvicente, M.B., Xibalbaonyx oviceps, a new

megalonychid ground sloth (Folivora, Xenarthra) from the

Late Pleistocene of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, and its

paleobiogeographic significance. PalZ, pp.1-27.





Paul H.

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