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Hello everyone, I'd like to share my extreme budget collection of  megs for the US as requested, I've have been collecting shark teeth and other for a little over a year and a half now on a budget and have been surprised by what I was able to get a hold of so far. Condition doesn't bother me hence the budget but I have been able to find some megs from from interesting locations over the short period of time I've been collecting with a little bit of luck. I estimate I spent no more than $1,100 in total for this small collection.


Tag me if there's any teeth you'd like to take a closer look at.


In order:


1) Ace Basin, Ashepoo River SC

2) Lee Creek, Aurora, NC

3) Ocean teeth likely from offshore SC

4) Georgia???

5) 7 inch+ meg fragment likely from offshore SC

6) Virginia Red Site (repaired)

7) Georgia???

8) Virginia

9) St. Mary's???

10) Georgia??? (repaired)

11) Summerville

12) Ocean teeth likely from offshore SC

13) St. Mary's


Last photo: 6inch+ Calvert Cliffs, Maryland (restored)


I'll do bone valleys for part 3 sometime soon!


@ynot @WhodamanHD @snolly50 @sixgill pete



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Those are some amazing Megalodons!

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I enjoyed seeing those. Years ago I had a friend who was diving the Ashepoo. He was mostly interested in bottles/artifacts, so I was fortunate to have some fossils come my way from his efforts. On one trip he was on the bottom and suddenly something was strange. He rapidly surfaced, as did his dive partner. "Did you move the boat, they both asked?" He said that's the first thought that occurred to them both. Latter in thinking back on the experience he realized part of the strange phenomenon was odd "noise" and the river current/flow appeared suddenly altered. It was not until the dive was over and they had returned to Columbia; that they learned there had been a substantial earthquake in the area! 

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@WhodamanHD Thank you!

@snolly50 Wow what a story that must of been a disturbing experience to feel on a dive that's pretty crazy, that's neat I find it funny that those who dive for bottles/artifacts in the same waters as fossils have no interest in them, I'd be ecstatic to find them as a bonus I like artifacts and bottles as well so I would be happy to find all three in one spot. At least cause of this it was to your advantage and you were able to receive some awesome finds. 

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@Macrophyseter I did think about it, I'm still on the fence about it, cause I like how it looks naturally but it would be awesome to see what it could've been as well with an accurate restoration. It makes me wonder though because besides the original owners predicted measurements, me and a friend of mine who knows lots about megs did an approximate measurement and drawing of the rest to the tip to see how big it could've been and it doesn't start to look like a natural meg at all without a pathology until not at but a little past the 7 inch mark which does make me ridiculously curious, but idk how I feel about an artificial tip on this one, usually restos don't bother me at all but I like the thought and wonder of how much over 7inches it would've been, it would take a really professional accurate convincing restoration I guess to make me feel ok about it. I still love it as a frag.

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