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Thought it would be nice to post an oldie(1922)**


The author "leans towards" Simroth's theory that commensalism (and/ or mutualism)evolved from "parabiosis*",because the gastropod can sometimes be found attached to the

crinoid stele .

*apparently:the simple phenomenon of attachment,without connotations about causes or substrate preference .

The frequent (obligatory,almost?)co-occurence of the fossils is explained by the life-long interaction itself: when the crinoid dies,the gastropod dies.

(probable naticid gastropod boreholes can be found on some "infested" crinoids)

The attachment scar of the gastropod are concentric,the gastropod aperture has an excentric location,to keep the aperture covering the anal aperture of the crinoid.

The erosion/(resorption?) of the anal proboscis may be due to the gastopod

Small circular depressions are tentativel attributed to early ontogenetic failed predation attempts by juvenile gastropod  

**and I am aware of the more recent literature on this subject





havent read 





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